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PENTLJA CONCEPT STORE has been brought to life in autumn 2015 with its aim to promote and offer a selection of Slovenian and regional design. Besides fashion as its primary focus – from clothes to jewellery and fashion accessories, our boutique also offers carefully selected cosmetics, home deco and accessories, regional fashion/lifestyle magazines, as well as small gifts and renown spirit beverages.

PENTLJA (pronounced ‘pent-liah’), a local word for a bow, is designed as an experience where your time stops. It is a wonderland of pretty things located in the old city centre of Ljubljana, as heart-warming as a very special gift carefully decorated with a bow.

Moj stil, moja pravila: Goga Štiftar,
lastnica Trgovine s konceptom Pentlja


“Človek naredi obleko s svojo energijo in prezenco.”

(Prispevek v reviji Elle)