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20 Feb

Brand Showcase: Barste Design


Brand Showcase is a series where we showcase the brands featured exclusively in Pentlja Concept Store and give them a way to describe themselves in their own words.

Barste Design – Breakout in the world of kids design

Ljubljana welcomes a new name of luxury furniture, Pentlja Concept Store introduces Barste Design.

Barste Design is a small manufacture creating furniture in a tradition of handmade, unique pieces. It was found in 2015 in Warsaw and represents the quintessential of the modern luxury. The Alice Collection is mainly the result of cooperation between Joanna Barska, the creative director of the brand, and Dagmara Iwanska, main architect and designer who has started her career at Zaha Hadid Architects.

Focusing on hand carved bespoke pieces, Barste Design stays in contrast to Scandinavian minimalist tendency that dominates in kid’s collections. The philosophy of the brand is to create the furniture, which stimulates the imagination. As Joanna Barska put it, “If a table doesn’t tell a story, where’s the fun of having it?”.

The very first collection celebrating the iconic story of Alice in Wonderland consists of 13 items and every piece reminds of a different chapter of the book. Tea-Time Table, accompanied by Bunny Chairs, is the brilliant reference to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party while Flamingo Lamp, Big and Little Bubbles will take you to a croquet ground of the Queen of Hearts.
Barste Design offers a bespoke service to their clients. All of the products can be produced in a version for adults as well as miniatures for pets. Customers can actually ask for any color and almost any size. The team keeps an open mind and treats even the craziest idea as a challenge.

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