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27 Aug

Brand Showcase: Frachella



Brand Showcase is a series where we showcase the brands featured exclusively in Pentlja Concept Store and give them a way to describe themselves in their own words.


The face behind the fringes of Frachella is Mateja–a model,
a mermaid, a long time fashion lover with a sense of minimalism
and a firm believer that we should be riding unicorns instead of bicycles.

Everything started at an early age with this one particular
piece of clothing that ignited her love for fashion–it was a
fluffy rainbow sweater which she got from her cousin.
It was a love at first sight between Mateja and Frachella
(yes, you’ve guessed it, the sweater has a name) and, for a while, they were inseparable.

Fast forward a decade or two, Mateja outgrew the
sweater and moved on to bigger things–faux leather,
fringes and tassels but the memory of Frachella still lives in every bag and backpack she creates.

The backpacks themselves are a mix of elegance, freedom,
gentleness and edginess. Depending on the day and the mood
they will be your perfect companion for a deserted sandy beach
with no one around, a boho festival in Byron Bay, an 80s rock concert
and everything in between.

When asked about her costumers, she adds: ‘’ She’s an eclectic mix of beauty, wit and just the right amount of wilderness.
The kind of wilderness that makes you dance on tables till the lights come
on and doesn’t give a damn if she’s the only one left.
The kind of wilderness that makes you drop everything and insists you stare at the starts with her and contemplate the idea of our lives in a parallel universe.
The kind of wilderness that will grab your hand and take you on an adventure
even if that means a walk through town you’ve walked a thousand times before
because you know that all you need for an actual adventure is her and her wild heart.
Because every single day can be an adventure for those who can find magic in
the mundane. And she definitely is one of them.’’
“The choice is yours and, like Oscar Wilde says, “To define is to limit.”

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