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5 Aug

Brand Showcase: Natasa Hrupic



Brand Showcase is a series where we showcase the brands featured exclusively in Pentlja Concept Store and give them a way to describe themselves in their own words.

Natasa Hrupic: Brief Biography

Nataša Hrupić is an independent Slovenian fashion designer. She graduated in the year 2007 at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering Ljubljana – Department of Textiles. The same year University of Ljubljana awarded her with Prešeren prize from the field of Art for her innovative approach in her research work titeled City Shapes. Between 2007 and 2009 Nataša Hrupič was working as mentor and fashion show organizer at Secondary school for Design and Photography Ljubljana at Department of Fashion Design. In the year 2005 she established her own fashion label N a t a s a H r u p i c , and since then she has been successfully representing her fashion label in Slovenia at various renowed fashion shows and exhibitions ( BMW Fashion & Art Week, Philips Fashion Week Ljubljana …) and fashion fairs abroad. Between 2009 and 2011 she was guest designer at Slovenian fashion industry named Rašica, which was traditionally renowned for its knittwear collections. In the year 2011 British Council awarded Nataša with Young Creative Entrepreneur Award from the field of Fashion as the first Slovene representative. Apart from managing her own fashion brand, Nataša also works as Technical assistant at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering Ljubljana – Department of Textiles, at the Textile and Fashion Design department.

Slovenian fashion brand N A T A S A H R U P I C is recognized by highly valued fashion experties, stylists and critics. The designer was denominated as the new name in town at her first collection presentation for spring / summer 2006. Not subliminal to fashion trends the basic approach towards designing clothes is based on instinctive and innovative reaction, classical as well as avngarde style, feminine and alternative image at the same time. But before all it includes artistic and sculptural manner, which builds new concepts of designing clothes out of wide range of tailoring and cutting knowledge. The combination of different or even the opposite approaches of designing collections results in unique and representative brand’s style which is recognized and higly valued during various renowed fashion shows or fashion exhibitions at home or abroad. The brand’s collections are made in Slovenia and are therefore priviledged to be made with prestigious workmanship out of refined materials.

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