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28 Oct

In Pictures: Vienna Experience


I absolutely love Vienna. I keep going back due to my ever-lasting relationship to this great city. I did not expect much more of my latest trip, than my usual Vienna experience.

But my stay at Ruby Lissi was an excellent choice, not just for the obvious reasons, but for the fact that through the ‘Ruby’ lens I saw Vienna with a fresh pair of eyes, due to some clever upgrades it provides. What a nice surprise!

To access the city center by bike in under five minutes, without any extra hustle to park it and keep it safe is a metropolitan dream in it’s own. Especially considering your car is also close and safe. So two of your ‘first world problems’ solved – like that *snaps fingers fabulously*

I am not really sure what to blame this new-found energy I felt while staying at Ruby Lissi on. Maybe it is all the personalized music playing everywhere (I cannot live without a good beat in the background), maybe it was the absence of overly polite staff, maybe all the ‘Hello, Sunshine’ greetings or the delicious selection of organic food or the 24/7 Bar (wink). It had to be all the flattering lighting and the ultra-chic interior design (some tradition mixed with ballsy designer accents is exactly my style). In my room and the destination, in general, felt like I woke up one day, living my best life in Vienna. It felt like I was a part of the hip art-loving, culture-creating scene it supports.

But I travel a lot and so am able to sort through the initial reaction to come up with solid answers. So I did and now I point the finger to the people. There is not a ‘must see’ bed linen or a shower cap in the world that can truly create the atmosphere that exists at Ruby Lissi. It is the crowd that it attracts. No fuss, laid back, stylish, special and unique visitors of all ages, nationalities, shapes… are what cements this experience as undeniably pleasant and cool. I also believe this to be the true advantage of the Ruby lean luxury philosophy. By cutting out all of the unnecessary stuff, one gains loads of room for what is important.

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