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5 Nov

In Pictures: Little Black Dress Contest Conclusion


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. More of them combined can tell a story. This one is from the Little Black Dress Contest Conclusion.

This years contest – revolving around the iconic piece of clothing – had our special expert jury, who anonymously hand-picked ten out of many interpretations, in for a tough and close decision. Nataša Peršuh, Alenka More, Den Baruca, Barbara Podlogar, Goga Štiftar, Matjaž Plošinjak, Nina Jagodic, Nataša Hrupič and Petra Windschnurer selected ten finalists who will present their little black dresses at Ljubljana fashion week on November 8th. In addition to this pretty serious prize, some pieces will also be sold in Pentlja Concept store at the official LJFW showroom, from 15th of November until the end of this year.

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