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M-MAG, an independent print magazine based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, represents fashion, art, and design, centered around ex-Yugoslavian countries and their unique Balkan-Slavic aesthetic. Published twice annually, it does not reflect a season’s worth of fashion, contemporary art, and design; it encapsulates a certain time, ideology and mood of the unique ex-Yu environment it is produced in, where global trends and ideas take on nation-specific forms. Each issue functions as a document of its time and as a collector’s item, presenting carefully curated fashion, art and design content. This, along with its blank mono-colour cover, the magazine blurs the lines between a conventional magazine and a publication.

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M-MAG’s content in heavily based on interviews with people working across a range of creative industries from the Balkan region. The visual form then follows and is inspired by the written content. This is accompanied by a small number of feature articles covering a wide array, of topics on fashion, art, design, and culture.



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